Recent Projects and CPD

A selection of research projects relevant to the fashion and textiles sector I have undertaken in recent years include:

  • Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship scoping Wales (2014): With Adam Mansell (Wulff Consultancy and now CEO of the UKFT), delivered a project to research the potential employer demand for fashion and textiles apprenticeship training within Wales.  This looked at how Further Education colleges were positioned to meet potential demand, collect case studies of best practice from existing UK providers to provide ideas for any future offer and recommendations for how colleges can ensure any offering is compelling.  The research was presented to a final conference in Cardiff.
  • European Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Skills Council (2014): Throughout 2014, I represented Creative Skillset on the European Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Skills Council (convened by Euratex, Cotance, European Confederation of the Footwear Industry and IndustriAll).  I wrote a comprehensive review on the drivers of employment and skill demand within the sector and how occupations within fashion and textiles manufacturing are both changing and emerging in the sector. The research was presented to a final conference in Brussels.
  • Mapping Fashion and Textiles subjects within Higher Education (2014 & 2015): For Creative Skillset, I conducted an analysis of fashion and textiles related Higher Education within the UK as part of a project looking at wider creative industries higher education scoping.
  • Leceister and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership Textile Sector Growth Plan (2015): With Pera Training and Trends Business Research on behalf of the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership, I was responsible for writing the LLEP textiles sector growth plan.  This document provided an in-depth look at the sector in the LLEP region, the industry infrastructure along with an assessment of opportunities and barriers for growth to inform future investment priorities for the sector.
  • Benefits of the Creative Skillset Tick for Accredited Higher Education Institutions (2015): Working in partnership with Karen Muir, interviews were undertaken with Creative Skillset Tick Accredited Institutions to understand the benefits to the institution of holding this accreditation.  These case studies were used by Creative Skillset for both evaluation and marketing purposes.  Fashion design was one of course areas examined.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the European Clothing and Textiles Industry summary reporting (2015): For Spin360, I was commissioned to develop a presentation and summary paper for partners based on research that had conducted on CSR within the fashion and textiles sector.
  • UKFT export briefing (2015): For the UK Fashion and Textiles Association, I wrote a ministerial briefing paper to inform Government on export growth within the sector and the impact of UKTI Tradeshow Access Programme funding on fashion and textiles firms capability to export into key markets.
  • Creative Skillset industry synthesis (2016): For Creative Skillset, I was tasked developed an internal briefing paper bringing together recent industry literature along with new analysis of the sector to inform industry employment and skills across the supply chain from manufacture through to retail.
  • UKFT state of the industry paper (2016): For the UK Fashion and Textiles Association, I was commissioned to write a summary report of industry performance in 2015 and prospects for 2016.

I have also completed a number of research projects that would have applications for the fashion and textiles sector.  These include:

  • Private Client (2016): Developed a database of further education and school level deliverers within a specific subject area to understand the potential delivery partner landscape.
  • Private Client (2016): For an educational institution, conducted a course visability study to understand competitor offerings and possible best practice.


Events and conferences

I like to keep up-to-date with the industry and education landscape, ensuring I am well informed on past, current and potential future developments.  This forms a vital part of my personal development.  To this extent, I have attended a number of events and conferences over the past few years, even presenting and facilitating on occasion.  These include:

Fashion and Textiles CPD