Consultancy Services

I offer a range of consultancy services.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to talk through your needs.

I have successfully completed a number of reports and projects for  a range of clients such as trade associations, sector skills bodies and local enterprise partnerships.  These have been on both a UK and European level.   My services include:

Research and Report Writing: I am an experienced employment, skills, market and educational researcher, with 12 years within the field and over six within the fashion and textiles sector.  I am experienced working with both primary and secondary data sources,  qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as conducting in-depth literature reviews.

Bid writing:  I am an experienced bid writer having both contributed to and independently writing successful business cases, funding and tender applications for a number of UK and EU organisations.

Project Management:  I am an AIM certified project manager and have successfully managed a number of projects for a variety of different agencies.  I also have extensive experience of both developing and commissioning tenders for projects.

Evaluation: I am experienced at conducting evaluations, (both pre and post project) to ensure your project is set up and initiated with the right goals and ambitions as well as measuring how your project has met or exceeded expectations.

Examples of how I can help specific clients includes:

Businesses:  Ensuring your company has up to date information on your product market is essential. Understand the key economic indicators from both a business and the consumers perspective and  the key trends in the markets you operate in.

Trade Associations/Government agencies/LEPs/Local Government/Education and skills: Are you after the latest intelligence to inform policy and funding decisions? Looking to build a compelling case to ensure your work programmes add value?  Geographically specific information can be provided on a number of sub-sectors within the industry.

Higher Education Institutions:  Looking to understand what the market is for specific courses you run or are looking to run?  Where do your graduates go and how does your offer compare to similar courses elsewhere?  Where is industry located in proximity to your location?

Further Education Colleges and Training Providers:  I am experienced in handling Further Education datasets and interpreting how you can understand both your own and others offers, what a proposition could look like and potential areas of collaboration. I have also conducted studies into local labour markets, and both the viability and potential market for training.

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