Manufacturer turnover static in April although annual measure shows continuing small falls

The Office for National Statistics TOPSI survey has shown turnover for fashion and textiles manufacturers was very slightly down in April 2016, £726 million from £728 million the month before and at a similar level to April 2015’s levels.

Figure 1: Monthly fashion and textile manufacturing turnover figures (£m)TOPSI Apr 2016 monthlySource: Office for National Statistics

On an annual level, this equates to a very small slide in turnover levels, currently standing at £8.8bn, the lowest it has been in recent times (January 2015s annual rate stood at just over £9bn) although there has been no large adjustments indicating a settled pattern for manufacturers.

Figure 2:  Annualised turnover information for fashion and textiles manufacturers (£m)TOPSI Apr 2016 AnnualSource: Office for National Statistics

n.b. The monthly TOPSI survey that this analysis is derived from follows a different methodology to the annual Annual Business Survey.  These figures presented within this analysis are therefore are presented as a snapshot.

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