Fashion and textiles employment continues to surge in q1 2016

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics quarterly Labour Force Survey indicates the stellar employment growth witnessed in fashion and textiles manufacturing during 2015 has continued into the start of 2016.

Employ across textiles, apparel and leather manufacturing now stands at 144,000 people, up 3,000 on q4 2016.  Interestingly, whilst apparel manufacturing employment fell back (although still remaining higher than it did after 2006), it was textiles manufacturing that saw a large surge in employment, adding 11,000 jobs on the quarter.  Textile manufacturing employment now stands 80,000, higher than any point in recent times going back to 2006.

It will be interesting to see if these increases in textile manufacture can be sustained as would add to the growing narrative of integrated supply chains and sourcing that is becoming more and more prevalent.

Figure 1: Fashion and textiles manufacturing employment (‘000s)Employment Fashion and Textiles Mar 2016.jpgSource: Office for National Statistics Labour Force Survey

Looking at working trends, self-employent and part-time working have both reduced in the past quarter.  This may well indicate uptake a greater number of employers offering opportunities for full-time working which would be consistent with recent economic performance data and sentiment concerning acute staff requirements.  However, this will be more apparent if longer term trends continue this pattern.

Figure 2: Employment trends within fashion and textiles manufacturingselfemployed and parttime mar 2016Source: Office for National Statistics Labour Force Survey

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