Large drop in Drapers jobs advertised although Fashion United steadies

Monitoring this weeks job advertisements on Friday June 10th, has seen a large drops in advertisements within Drapers magazine, although Fashion United has seen a small rise.  Both publications however have both seen large falls over the four week measure as we move into the summer.


Drapers Online advertised 1,797 vacancies.  Most popular job roles were for design, merchandising and sales roles.

  Table 1: Drapers Online job advertisements as of 10th June 2016Drapers 10th June

Source: Drapers Online

In terms of general trends, these advertisements represent 111 less than the week earlier and 259 lower on the four week measure when over 2,000 vacancies were being advertised.

Looking at how these movements have affected individual occupation categories over the previous four weeks, there have been small increases in live HR and training, e-commerce, sales, production and visual merchadise roles representing a cross-section of industry activity.

In terms of lower levels of vacancies, there has been a vast reduction in retail management, buyer, design and technical roles being advertised.  Marketing has also seen slight falls.

Figure 1: Drapers Online job vacancy analysis

Drapers 10th June overall

Source: Drapers Online


Fashion United

By contrast, on the weekly measure, Fashion United saw a small rise in vacancies advertised.  This mainly related to Retail Management and In-Store which saw 29 additional vacancies advertised although over the four week scale, has like Drapers seen a large fall.  Internships continue to be popular, with advertisements up in this category too.

Overall, as with Drapers, Fashion United have seen substantial falls in job advertisements in the past four weeks, being 196 down on previously, mainly driven by these retail management and in-store roles although as with Drapers, a large number of design and creative roles are not currently required.

Table 2: Fashion United job vacancies on 10th JuneFashion United 10th June

Source: Fashion United Careers Online

n.b. Advertisement analysis is collected on a Friday morning on a weekly basis. Some job roles are advertised for non-UK positions overseas.

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