Drapers and Fashion United vacancy rates see weekly falls

Both Drapers and Fashion United saw online advertisements for vacancies fall in the week to Friday 20th May although longer-term trends look more positive.


Drapers advertised 1,996 vacancies online.  This was down 60 on the previous week although over the longer term 121 vacancies more than four weeks before.

In terms of roles advertised for, design and merchandising have seen the greatest rises in requirements over the last four weeks.  Conversely, there has been a reduction in vacancies advertised for technical, account management and e-commerce based roles.

Figure 1: Drapers online vacancies as of 20th May 2016

Drapers 20th May all

Source: Drapers Online

In terms of the roles advertised for, design and merchandising remain the most popular occupations advertised for.  Retail management and sales are also roles where a number of vacancies remain.

Figure 2: Drapers online vacancies by type as of 20th May 2016Drapers 20th MaySource: Drapers online

Fashion United

Fashion United saw 161 less vacancies on the 20th May to stand at 1,148.  This is also down 293 on four weeks before.  Retail management and in-store remain the area where vacancies remain the most prevalent.  Only internships have shown rises over the four weeks.

Figure 3:  Fashion United advertisements as of 20th May 2016Fashion United 20th MaySource: Fashion United

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