Fashion jobs market remains bouyant

The latest monitoring of job advertisements as offered through both Drapers and Fashion United show both publications assessment of the fashion jobs market continuing to show bouyancy.

Drapers as of Friday had 1,875 jobs advertised with the largest number in design, merchandising and retail management.

Table 1: Drapers job advertisements as of 22nd April 2016Drapers job roles 22nd AprilSource: Drapers

Whilst the Drapers scale was 71 jobs down on the previous week, it continues to be well up on four week previously with 252 vacancies more advertised.  In terms of the bg risers in this period, garment technologists have shown the largest rise in requirement with 69 additional vacancies for this position advertised.  Account management and wholesale also saw significant rises.

Going the other way, marketing, administration and warehouse all saw small decline in requirements.

Figure 1: Drapers job advertisement analysis

Drapers 22th Apr 2016

Source: Drapers

Looking at the Fashion United scale, there has been large increases in recent weeks of job advertisements.  The 1,441 advertisements represents 179 more on the previous week and 309 more on four weeks previous.

The biggest driver of these changes has been retail management and in-store vacancies with large demand through the Fashion United website.  Indeed, in one week there has been an aggregate increase of 184 roles advertised.

Table 2: Fashion United job vacancies as of 22nd AprilFashion United 22nd AprilSource: Fashion United

n.b. Drapers and Fashion United job vacancies correct as of Friday morning.  Both job portals also include a number of non-UK based roles.

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