Large rises in job vacancies advertised in Drapers and Fashion United

The following round-up of Drapers and Fashion United’s job advertisement numbers from Friday 15th April.


Continuing the large rise in jobs advertised through Drapers the week before, Drapers online saw job vacancies rise again to 1,946 roles advertised, a rise of 88 on the previous week and 144 over the previous four weeks.

Table 1: Jobs advertised online Drapers on 15th April 2016Drapers Jobs 19th April 2016Source: Drapers

Looking at advertisements on an four week scale to show rises and declines, advertisements for account managers, sales, merchandisers and wholesalers all have seen the greatest increases in this period.

Figure 1: Advertisement breakdown

Drapers 15th Apr 2016

Source: Drapers


Fashion United

Fashion United’s job portal also showed a healthy increase too, with 94 more vacancies advertised over the following week and 98 more over a four week period.

Largest recruitment needs over the four week period reported through Fashion United were for retail management and in-store which saw an increase of 74 advertisements, whilst other roles were up by 22 and product and supply chain roles by 19.

Table 2: Fashion United job advertisements as of 15th April 2016Fashion United 19th April 2016.jpgSource: Fashion United


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