Clothing and footwear prices rise 1% in March

The latest CPI figures released by the ONS have shown clothing and footwear prices rose again in March with prices remaining higher than the all goods index on the 2015 average.

The one percent rise in March follows on from rises in February to leave the index over 2 percent higher than the start of the year; although this has followed a substantial fall in prices in the run up to Christmas.

Figure 1: Consumer Price Index for clothing and footwear (2015 = 100)Clothing and footwear CPI Mar 2016.jpgSource: Office for National Statistics

Breaking these figures down by product type highlights some interesting messages and shows garment, other clothing and clothing accesories and cleaning, repair and hire of clothing have all performed in a similar pattern and followed the trends exhibited on the broader clothing and footwear picture.  Footwear including repairs has also risen in price but have risen on a steady and consistent basis.

Figure 2: Consumer price index by product type (2015=100)CPI March 2016 by productsSource: Office for National Statistics

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