Fashion and textiles manufacturing employment surges in q4 2015

Using the Office for National Statistics Labour Force Survey measure, the end of 2015 saw UK fashion and textiles manufacturing employment surge to 138,000, the highest level seen this decade as large increases in apparel manufacturing employment drove growth.

Indeed, apparel manufacturing employment that had stood at 37,000 people at the start of the decade now numbers 61,000 people showing the resurgence that the demand for UK making has made.

Figure 1: Fashion and textile manufacturing employment


Source: Office for National Statistics

Working patterns were also reported to be changing across the sector.  Whilst part-time working remained at just over a third of the workforce, there was a reported surge in self-employment with a fifth of the workforce now working this way, matching the q3 2014 figures.

Figure 2: Part time and self-employment within fashion and textiles manufacturing

SE and PT March 16  Source: Office for National Statistics

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