UK fashion exports break through the £10bn mark in 2015

The latest figures from HMRC indicate that fashion exports from the UK broke through the £10bn barrier for the first time in 2015 as the overseas appetite for UK fashion and textiles goods continued unabated. The current figures represent a £2bn increase in export values since 2011 as the desirability of UK fashion and textiles goods continues apace in traditional and emerging markets.

Looking at the figures in a more detail, a number of patterns emerge that show that this growth has been occurring in different products and markets. Looking at the product markets, the growth in 2015 was driven by apparel and footwear sales as both textiles and leather goods saw small falls in export value.

Figure 1: Exports of fashion and textiles good from the UK 2011-2015 (£m)

Exports 2011 to 2015

Source: HMRC based on SITCs 61, 65, 84 & 85.

For further insight and breakdown of these figures to help your organisational or company needs, please feel free to contact me with your requirements.  Figures can be disaggregated to a high level of detail by specific country.

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