Consumer Retail Spending Continues Upwards

Consumer retail spending on clothing related products and services continued its sharp growth using both Office for National Statistics preferred measures.  The chained volume measure stood at £16.5bn for q3 in 2015 whilst the current price indicator stood at £16.6bn.  Both measures were below £13bn in q1 2010 showing how the UK consumer has increased spending in recent years.

Figure 1: Quarterly Consumer Retail Spending on Clothing by Chained and Current measures (both seasonally adjusted) £mConsumer spending q3 2015Source: Office for National Statistics

Using the chained value measure to breakdown this spending, £12.5bn was spent on garments themselves with the next greatest shoes and other footwear at £2.54bn.  Over £1bn was spent on other articles of clothing and clothing accessories.

Figure 2: Breakdown of consumer spending by product group (Chained Volume Measure) in q3 2015

Chained values q3 by product typeSource: Office for National Statistics

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